Shared Waters Partnership

The Shared Waters Partnership (SWP) promotes cooperative approaches to shared water, which can advance peace, security, environmental protection and open new opportunities for riparian states to sustainably develop their water resources. It does so by working to strengthen multi-stakeholder platforms, improve efforts to align diplomatic and development work and build capacity to create robust, responsive institutions in cooperative shared water management.


To prevent conflict over shared waters by building trust and promoting cooperation.

Unilateral management of transboundary water systems reduces regional benefits, thereby harming regional development, minimizing resilience to climate change, and increasing the risk of geopolitical hostility. The political aspects of transboundary cooperation cannot be neglected if real progress is to be made. Competing interests within a region are often viewed through a national security lens and are embedded within a broad set of economic, social, and geopolitical issues. Opportunities for improving political progress in transboundary basins are short-lived, which makes an agile mechanism like SWP all the more critical.

Through the UNDP Water Governance Facility and the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), SWP brings together Strategic and Intervention Partners, as well as a broader Strategic Network, to achieve its goals.   Building on the reach and expertise of the SWP, network, this partnership designs targeted, strategic interventions in priority basins such as political economy analyses, advisory services, mediation, training, and process facilitation. These discreet activities aim to build trust, strengthen multi-stakeholder platforms, and improve the alignment of diplomatic and development work in transboundary basins.

Pooling expertise from research institutes, training programmes, transboundary water organisations, and donor agencies and governments, SWP helps to coordinate efforts and leverage unique opportunities to build capacity and political will for water cooperation globally. This collaborative approach results in greater strategic support, shared messaging, and sustained funding and activities that complement longer-term programmes – specifically those that focus on the technical aspects of transboundary water management.


Mr. Kerry Schneider

Programme Manager
Phone: +46 8 121 360 88