Local water management

There is tacit knowledge hidden in our everyday activities. Documenting, analysing and understanding everyday practices can make this knowledge explicit and possible to share with others.


_SNA2621 (2)During the 1st global DEG-KM workshop in Manta, Ecuador, the Joint Programme delegates formulated ideas and mini-proposals for how to proceed with the Knowledge Management work. Several of the participants proposed videos as tools for communicating knowledge about how things are done in their programmes. The winning mini-proposal showed how much can be learned from asking the simple question, ‘And you, how do you do it?’ and filming the results.

Building on the popularity of the concept, DEG-KM took on the challenge to produce two short videos about local water management – one in Honduras and one in Panama.

This programme is a partnership with Cooperacion Española, MDG-F

Participatory video developed by the local water committees and the communities in the Ngäbe Buglé area in Panama as a tool to clarify what needs to be done – by the committees and the water users – in order to manage their shared water scheme.

Language: Ngäbere, with English subtitles.

This is the story of community work to buy parts of the La Pandura micro-catchment in San Juan Guarita municipality, Lempira Province in Honduras, presented in a dialogue between Doña Blanca and Don Miguel.

Language: Spanish, with English subtitles.


Dr. Marianne Kjellén (external)

UNDP Senior Water Advisor
Phone: +46 8 121 36 044