Creating a Community of Practice-interface for the Indian government around #WaterMatters: Agenda 2030 & Women in Water Governance.


The main goal is to improve water management and governance in India as a step towards sustainability and social inclusion.

When it comes to water, most of the action plans and implementation of schemes happen at state level. So, it is crucial that the systems, institutions and governance mechanisms are strengthened at both national and subnational levels.


The proposed program intends to address some of the challenges by strengthening co-operation around efficient water management among multiple stakeholders at national, subnational and local levels; sharing knowledge through cross-learning events or workshops; and producing water policies and programmes where feasible.


Knowledge-sharing platform

A knowledge-sharing platform will be created on #Water Matters: Agenda 2030, which aims to bring together all relevant partners on a single platform to plan strategies and actions to move towards the common goal of water security and access.

The strategy focuses on two main areas to address the challenges.

The first focus area is to develop a community on #Water Matters: Agenda 2030 – a multi-stakeholder partnership platform to bring together like-minded organisations to discuss and inform policy and decision making.

The second area focuses on developing a portfolio that boosts recognition of women leaders/champions in water management and governance and encourages their training.


Achievements in India include:

  • Setting up a Water Alliance platform where like-minded organisations and the Ministry can share knowledge on #WaterMatters.
  • Identifying the criteria to select women grassroot leaders in the water sector.


Lotten Hubendick

Programme Officer, water governance