GoAL WaSH Kyrgyzstan



  • Improved sector coordination capacities of the Department of Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation (DDWSS) at the State Agency for Architecture Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Government of Kyrgyzstan.
  • Effective water supply and sanitation management systems is in place and operational in four communities.
  • Capacity of local water actors (both duty bearers and right holders) enhanced to apply effectively the principles of good governance, transparency, accountability and citizen participation in organizing water supply services in four communities.

Weak governance and poor infrastructure of Kyrgyzstan’s water sector is preventing a satisfactory supply of drinking water and sanitation services. It also an area in which the Government of Kyrgyz Republic has been experiencing significant challenges in meeting its commitments under international obligations. There is a serious lack of information about the state and legal status of the water supply and sanitation systems. There is also a critical need of defining an adequate water and sanitation delivery model at decentralized level.

Provision of safe drinking water is one of the top national priorities of the Government of Kyrgyzstan. In 2014 the “Programme for Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Development in Human Settlements of the Kyrgyz Republic” was endorsed by the Government. This Programme provides an overall framework for a comprehensive policy on the use and supply of drinking water. Furthermore, local community bodies are made responsible for exploitation and maintenance of rural water supply systems.

The project will work on concrete measures to strengthen the governance mechanisms on the local level, specifically for rural communities. The project will also work towards filling the information gaps at the Department of Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation (DDWSS) by improving the reporting process between DDWSS and local communities.


With support of the GoAL WaSH project a coordination mechanism of drinking water, wastewater and sanitation issues has been established in Kyrgyzstan. The commission has been created by a Government’s Decree and is chaired by first Vice-Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan. It consists of heads from the key relevant Government and Non-Government bodies.

In joint collaboration with National Statistic Committee GoAL WaSH Project supported the development of a new statistic form for rural areas to better assess the quality and assess of drinking water. This form was tested and piloted in 15 communities and was finally approved for official usage from 2016.

Several GoAL WaSH interventions have been co-financed by Government, demonstrating the Government’s willingness to deal with drinking water and sanitation issues. As an example, the Government has initiated the establishment of sub-regional service centers for the Community of Drinking Water User’s Union (CDWUU). It is expected that the creation of such centers will improve the quality of services related to drinking water infrastructure in rural areas.

Toktoshev Askarbek, Director of the Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Department, Bishkek: “The GoAL WaSH project of UNDP came with really little money and has been able to achieve tangible results while other projects with greater funds are barely progressing. This project is unique and it has united all partners by creating a constructive environment towards cumulative success in the field of drinking water supply and sanitation services. We officially celebrated it by awarding the GoAL WaSH project in Kyrgyzstan with the Governmental diploma”.

Egemberdiev Muhatbek, Head of the “Sur-Tash”, Community of Drinking Water Users’ Union in Kara-Kulja, Osh Province: “In 2014, for the first time a head of CDWUU was selected by the public voting of villagers, previously this person was always appointed by the Government. This process made people realize that their votes matter. In addition, for the first time the local self-government and Parliament have allocated dedicated funds to CDWUU as a co-financing for infrastructure projects on drinking water supply. I truly believe this is happening thanks to the well planned and coordinated activities of the UNDP GoAL WaSH project”.

Nodirova Mastura, Head of the “Kyzyl-Konush”, Community of Drinking Water Users’ Union in Kara-Bak, Batken Province:   “The study tours organized by the UNDP GoAL WaSH project in July 2014 where the most successful and interesting ones I have ever participated in. They demonstrated a very good example of partnership between local communities and local authorities, towards solving the problems of drinking water supply. It was very good that the lecturers were the people who deal with these issues on a daily basis. People of Osh and Batken provinces found similarities with the people who do the same work in Aravan province”.

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