Technical assistance to countries / region offices

System building and strengthening are vital to achieve sustainability of services that benefit children and enable them to survive and thrive and to live in a safe and clean environment.

Help desk function

  • Provide desk support to COs, Regional Office for the development and review of relevant of Enabling Environment and sustainability aspects in internal policies, strategies, studies, project proposals, ToR, and others, as per demand. Support in the identification of consultants and dissemination of opportunities in SIWI´s network
  • Provide general guidance to countries on the assessment and implementation of activities related to Enabling Environment, Accountability, and sustainability actions, as per demand, with the use of Accountability, Regulation and Sustainability assessment tools
  • Support in designing and developing “master plans” in two countries, through technical advice to Country Office
  • Design and facilitate workshops to support WASH governance analysis in collaboration with Country Offices and Regional Offices in countries (WASH-BAT including relevant Theory of Change and/or other tools, upon demand)
  • Provide technical assistance to the Country Office for the design and implementation of WASH governance, EE, accountability plans and national sector reviews that are agreed in WASH-BAT analysis

Middle East North Africa

Support to Regional Office, Iraq, Palestine (Gaza), Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Djibouti, Iran so far


Support to Regional Office, Burkina Faso, Congo, DRC, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Madagascar, Mali, Nigeria, Rwanda, Liberia, Tanzania, Somalia, Ukraine so far

East Asia and Pacific

Support to Regional Office, Myanmar so far

Latin America Caribbean

Support to Regional Office, Haiti, Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Suriname so far