Mobilising “Accountability for Sustainability” expertise in support to country processes in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the UNICEF-SIWI partnership “Accountability for Sustainability” was involved in the analysis of the accountability initiatives already in place in the country, supported the development of a Voice and Accountability framework for the Country Office and made proposals for operational planning of the Voice and Accountability framework.

This programme is a partnership with Unicef

A SIWI/UNICEF HQ mission visited Nigeria in December 2014 at the request of the Country Office for a short exploratory mission on the best way to promote accountability in the WASH sector. The assessment of main bottlenecks for WASH service delivery in the country had clearly suggested that the need for better accountability was the underlying cause for many of the key challenges in providing a sustainable supply of clean water. Policy “paralysis”, unclear and inconsistent roles and unpredictable budget allocations and release all call for more integrity, transparency, inclusiveness and responsiveness. However, there are also opportunities to grasp in Nigeria, such as promising accountability initiatives led by UNICEF and other external support agencies.

After the consultations held in Abuja, the UNICEF/SIWI team outlined the proposed way forward for fully realising the potential of UNICEF actions in support to accountability. The team highlighted some of the issues and challenges regarding how accountability is and could be better incorporated into the Framework on Voice and Accountability of the Nigeria CO. Specific actions were recommended to help strengthen and improve the mechanisms already in place as well as the activities currently being tested. The UNICEF Nigeria CO was also provided with advice on additional practical tools, based on the best available evidence from experiences that have proved successful in other contexts.

Functioning as a “one-stop shop” for all matters relating to accountability in WASH programming, the Water Governance Facility team at SIWI stands ready to support the WASH team at UNICEF Nigeria in the months ahead to help them deliver the solutions identified and shape programmes that enable more sustainable water and sanitation services.