Accountability for Sustainability support to country processes in Madagascar


The SIWI/UNICEF partnership “Accountability for Sustainability” supports accountable relations in the WASH sector in a number of ways. In Madagascar, it provides inputs to the drafting of the national WASH sustainable service delivery strategy.

Despite the existence of a robust legal and regulatory framework for the WASH sector in Madagascar, as well as a strategy and national programme that are aligned with MDG targets, progress in the water and sanitation sector remains fragile. Political unrest that ended with the 2014 elections has further hampered development of the sector.

The Accountability for Sustainability team participated in two timely exercises aimed at strengthening national WASH sector capacity and performance: the first meeting for the definition of a Sector Wide Approach (SWAp) for the WASH sector in Madagascar, and a National Forum for Sustainability. The Forum is the first step towards the definition of a Sustainability Service Delivery Strategy.

Taking opportunity of their presence in the country, the SIWI experts shared some lessons learnt from other SWAps to the members of the Task Force. In the Sustainability Forum, they designed and delivered a participatory session on the nexus between accountable relations and sustainability in the WASH service delivery framework and answered questions from both UNICEF field staff, counterparts at national and sub-national levels and partners.

In the months ahead, SIWI will provide inputs to the Sustainable Service Delivery Strategy currently under development in order to improve governance, answerability, responsibility and enforceability in WASH-related decision-making. SIWI has also provided a desk review of experiences in private sector involvement in WASH, with a focus on francophone Africa.

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