Improving Water Governance through a Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA)
Improving water accountability using human rights based approaches is an initiative that builds on the Ministry of Water and Irrigation’s (MWI) current sector reform efforts to improve water governance. MWI commits to include human rights based perspectives in its current review and implementation processes as evidenced in the "Water Sector Reform in Kenya and the Human Rights to Water".

The programme aims at improving water services by:

a) Establish feedback and complaint redress mechanisms between right-holders and duty bearers particularly at the local community level;
b) Develop tools to strengthen anticorruption activities for effective water governance informed by rights based approach principles;
c) Strengthen capacity of water actors (both duty bearers and right holders) to understand and participate effectively and meaningfully in the water sector reforms and utilize proposed tools;
d) Improve information sharing and dissemination to local level actors for effective engagement with sector reform processes.

A story from the field: Bondo villagers preserve water as a human right
Villagers in the Nyanza region put an end to vandalism of water pipelines and started benefit-sharing discussions with water providers. They also report mismanagement practices to a national body tasked with tackling corruption issues. Read the full story here.

Partners: UNDP-Kenya, Kenya Water and Health Organization (KWAHO), Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Lake Victoria South Water Services Board (LWSWSB), Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC), Kenya National Human Rights Commission (KNCHR).